A FHO consists of a group of doctors who provide comprehensive primary health care services to their patients with a focus on illness prevention.  FHOs provide care during regular and extended office hours and patients also have access to a nurse-staffed Telephone Health Advisory Service.  (See After Hours Care)

For FHOs to be effective, enrolled patients must commit to receiving their primary health care from your doctor or, if he/she is not available, from another doctor in the Maple Eglinton FHO during the after hours clinics.

As you may know, the Ontario government is encouraging family doctors to work together and provide improved access to your family Doctor. The Ministry of Health also wants to minimize the number of unattached patients. In order for the Ministry of health to track this, you will be asked to sign a Patient Enrolment form with your physician. This also serves as a reminder of the commitment that you made when you enrolled:

“I agree to contact my family doctor, (or if applicable the group to which my family doctor belongs), when I, or my enrolled child(ren) or dependent adults(s), need primary care medical advice or treatment.  I promise to do this unless there is an emergency, or I am travelling away from home.”

This means that the Ministry of Health does not allow our enrolled patients to obtain family doctor/primary care from any physicians outside of our 4 FHO physicians.  (This is called “Outside Use”.) So why would patients join a FHO?

  1. We offer same-day appointments that translates into accessible, quality care.

  2. Simple problems or requests can be managed by telephone or email, avoiding unnecessary office visits–which means more convenience for patients and their families.

  3. Reducing unnecessary visits frees up the doctor’s time to complete important tasks on your behalf, such as:

    1. Advocating for you to get the tests or services you need

    2. making appropriate referrals on your behalf

    3. completing necessary forms and letters

  4. For urgent problems, access to the After-Hours Clinic is available to FHO patients every day, Monday to Sunday (unless otherwise noted)

  5. Access to all of the FHO Doctors Monday to Friday and when your physician is away from the office for an extended period such as a vacation

As well, FHO patients are part of the Ministry of Health’s Preventative Care Programs.  This means you will receive reminders in the mail for screening tests such as Mammograms, PAPs and Colon Cancer Screening. As the health care system becomes more sophisticated, enrolled patients will see other advantages.

In the meantime, we are asking you to honor the terms of your agreement with the Ministry of Health by contacting our office whenever you need primary care.  In turn, we will do our best to ensure appropriate access to the care you need.

For all your health care needs, ALWAYS CALL THE OFFICE at (647) 336-2753 or remember 647-33 MAPLE.  My staff is there to assist you.  If we are not immediately available, the voice message will provide you with information about the After Hours Clinics.

The use of outside walk-in clinics in not appropriate for several reasons:

Walk-in clinics may be convenient, but their care quality is limited as they do not have access to you medical records.

Walk-in clinics do NOT send us their records of the care you received. This means we have to guess what went on and try to co-ordinate your care without the benefit of accurate information.

Furthermor, the Ministry of Health compensates the members of our FHO to look after your primary care medical needs. If you see a primary care provider outside of our group, the Ministry of Health also has to pay the walk-in clinic doctor (fee-for-service) for that visit.

If you plan to continue visiting outside walk-in clinics, then we ask you not to sign a patient enrollment form with us


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